Incentivizing Sustainable Tuna Management through a Credit System (BESTTuna subproject 1b)

This subproject explores the potential for a credit system to incentivize equitable and sustainable tuna fisheries management in Indonesia.


This research project explores mechanisms for incentivized tuna management, drawing on other resource sectors where environmental credit systems have been used.

The proposed research explores the possibility of incentive-based approaches to mitigate the impacts of overfishing tuna stocks in the Coral Triangle and Western Pacific by incentivizing sustainable fishing practices and funding the management of tuna stocks in the region.

Focusing on both formative and we ask:

  • What lessons from existing fisheries and environmental incentive-based governance mechanisms can be applied to tuna fisheries?
  • Which current state and market institutional arrangements and actors might support the creation of what type of different incentive based systems?
  • What are the social and economic tradeoffs in the design of future incentive based systems for tuna fisheries between fishers, processors, the state and regional management bodies?
  • What are the social costs and benefits of new incentive based systems for tuna fisheries?

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