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iWeek 2013

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9 juli 2013

iWeek 2013 is an unconference on interactive methods for social change, organized by OtherWise in Wageningen, and supported by the Centre for Development Innovation (CDI), Wageningen UR.

It is an initiative for people who wish to contribute to social change by using interactive methods and participatory tools. CDI actively supports the iWeek through organisational assistance, participation and facilitation of a number of sessions.

Co Verdaas, director of CDI, will open the iWeek with a talk on “participatory democracy: the role of the silent majority”. Cora van Oosten and Prof. Bas Arts will host a workshop on “Make your place”: how stories and narratives help to strengthen the relation between people and place, and empower stakeholders in spatial decision making.

The iWeek is held from 10-13 July in Wageningen, the Netherlands.