Lac Bonaire - Restoration Action Spear Points, September 2010

Debrot, A.O.; Meesters, H.W.G.; Leon, L. de; Slijkerman, D.M.E.


Lac Bay is the most important mangrove and sea grass area of Bonaire and has been undergoing steady ecological decline in the last decades. Based on an initial assessment of conservation management issue and potential solutions as conducted by IMARES in June 2010, the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV) asked IMARES to return to Bonaire to work with Stinapa Bonaire to choose narrower priorities and jointly make a short-list of topics as a working document for cooperation and action. In the beginning of September 2010, site visits and discussions were held in Bonaire with the manager of Lac Bay and various stakeholders to identify and agree on priority issues for action. This working report gives the results of the visit.