Optimization of land use for soy, palm oil and sugarcane : Can we deal with deforestation and land tenure issues?

Bodegom, A.J. van


Value chains for different internationally traded commodities like soy, palm oil and sugar stretch from the production area in a developing country towards the consumer in Europe, the USA and other economically more developed areas. There is more and more awareness that all stakeholders in these international chains need to live a socially and economically decent life. In order to make this possible, Round Tables could be promising and useful instruments, but until now they face two major challenges: (1) how to stop deforestation because of extension of production areas of the commodities, and (2) how to solve land tenure and land right issues, especially with indigenous peoples. This report describes the situation in Paraguay (soy), Kalimantan (oil palm), Liberia (oil palm) and Brazil (Sugar cane). It describes several approaches how to deal with deforestation and land tenure issues, with involvement of relevant stakeholders especially in the production area, including the Round Tables.