KB WOT Fisheries 2014 - Maintaining Excellence and Innovation in Fisheries Research

Damme, C.J.G. van; Verver, S.W.


The KB WOT Fisheries programme is fundamental to the maintenance and development of expertise needed to carry out the statutory obligations of the Dutch WOT Fisheries monitoring and advice. The structure of the KB WOT Fisheries programme 2014 is a result of discussions on the research direction and needs between IMARES, CVO and the ministry of EZ. Important in the structure of the KB WOT Fisheries programme is the bottom up approach, where a call for proposal submission is launched ensuring innovation in the programme. However the top-down decision on the research themes within the programmes ensures that needs of both the science development within IMARES and the research questions of EZ remain covered. The KB WOT Fisheries programme will fund 17 projects in 2014 which will focus on remote sensing of the pelagic and benthic systems (acoustics and video imaging) and the interaction of ecology and fisheries, as well as new techniques for surveys and monitoring.