Platvis pulsvisserij: resultaten onderzoek en kennisleemtes

Quirijns, F.J.; Strietman, W.J.; Marlen, B. van; Rasenberg, M.M.M.


Knowledge about the effects of pulse fishing is spread out over various reports and policy documents; a complete and accessible overview of knowledge is lacking. Pulse fishing is relatively new: in this fishery, fish are caught by means of electric pulses. Those pulses cause muscle contractions in the fish, resulting in them being released from the sea bottom and caught in the net. Because the pulse technique is relatively new and because electric fishing is not permitted in Europe, the development of this fishery brings up a lot of questions. the fishery study group Pulse and SumWing (part of the fishery study group Flatfish) asked IMARES and LEI to make a summary of the available knowledge on the effects of pulse fihing and lacking knowledge. This report summarises effects on landings and discards, effects on the ecosystem, management of the fishery and CO2 emission. At the end of the report, the authors give an overview of knowledge gaps.