Greenhouse gas reporting of the LULUCF sector for the UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol : background to the Dutch NIR 2013

Arets, E.J.M.M.; Hoek, K.W. van der; Kramer, H.; Kuikman, P.J.; Lesschen, J.P.


This report provides a complete description and background information of the Dutch National System for Greenhouse gas Reporting of the LULUCF sector and the Dutch LULUCF submission under the Kyoto Protocol for the 2013 submission of The Netherlands. The 2013 submission reports greenhouse gas emissions over the year 2011. It includes detailed description of the methodologies used to calculate activity data and emissions and it gives the full text of the NIR-II for KP-LULUCF, as well as a description of the table-by-table methodologies, choices and motivations. In 2011 afforestation and reforestation activities produced a sink of 458.66 Gg CO2 equivalents while deforestation caused an emission of 838.67 Gg CO2 equivalents. These values were based on changes in above-and belowground biomass, dead wood, litter and soil (mineral as well as organic), and agricultural lime application on deforested areas