CoP in focus : community of practice on metropolitan food clusters, resource use efficiency and climate adaptation

Kranendonk, R.P.; Hoechstetter, S.; Castillo, A.; Smeets, P.J.A.M.; Mansfeld, M.J.M. van; Eetgerink, F.; Cserhaty, M.; Kalas, N.; Schneider, U.


This Pathfinder project develops a focused EU Community of Practice (CoP) on development of Agro food-clusters that focuses on innovation of high tech, large scale, industrialized and sustainable agriculture and food production for Metropoles. The Metropolitan food clusters significantly contribute to reduction of the carbon and water footprint of metropolitan areas. In the exchange of concepts, this CoP will work out the benefits for climate from MFC in real regional innovation trajectories, towards business cases. The focus will be on co creation in KENGi networks and applyimg the innovation pathways of MFC design.