Behaviour of heifers during long distance transport : comparison between two different transportation schemes

Visser, K.J.; Werf, J.T.N. van der; Gunnink, H.; Hindle, V.A.; Riel, J.W. van; Dixhoorn, I.D.E. van; Gerritzen, M.A.


This current study aimed to test if the welfare of heifers transported in commercial transports and under Cattle Cruiser conditions was increased if animals were allowed a 9-hour overnight stop (feeding and resting) on the vehicle compared to the common practice in which animals were rested (and fed) at least 1 hour after 14 hours of transport. The results of the study are intended as hypothesis forming and are only applicable to the Cattle Cruiser conditions under which the animals were transported in vehicles with the specifications outlined in Appendix 2.