Challenges and Approaches in Delta Planning and Management - Sharing experiences from SE Asian Deltas and the Rhine-Meuse Delta -Report on Regional Training Workshop

Long Phi, H.; Fida Abdullah Khan, M.; Wosten, J.H.M.; Douven, W.


The training workshop consisted of a balanced mix of lectures on specific delta topics, work on group assignments, group and plenary discussions, and group presentations. Due to high professional level of the participants the discussions often reached the level of a policy dialogue among equals rather than a learning exercise for interested outsiders. Besides technical aspects such as for instance salt intrusion and sea level rise, ample emphasis was also on institutional arrangements and political will as a prerequisite for successful delta planning. A characteristic of this workshop was the direct South – South exchange on objectives and challenges in delta planning taking into account similarities and differences among deltas in SE Asia. Different possible solutions have been developed for identified major delta challenges. A MOTA technique was used to evaluate the developed strategies in terms of their effectiveness, economic costs, side-effects, flexibility and acceptance. Participants appreciated the training workshop which they attributed to the attractive format of the workshop, the high professional level of the participants, the excellent quality of the facilitators and the friendly atmosphere created by the Bangladesh host. The participants expressed their wish that this training workshop which was now held for the second consecutive year will be repeated in the future in a different host country with different key delta issues. Outcomes include: - 34 mid-level professionals including UNESCO-IHE and WUR alumni trained in area of Delta Planning; - 34 mid-level professionals working in / related to / interested in Delta Planning shared experiences and established an initial network with ideas for future cooperation, like next training, etc..; - High level of exchange of ideas and possibilities of delta planning among South – South participants; - 1 week curriculum on Delta Planning developed, tested and shared with participants.