KB WOT Fisheries 2015 - Maintaining Excellence and Innovation in Fisheries Research

Damme, C.J.G. van; Verver, S.W.


The KB WOT Fisheries programme is essential to the maintenance and development of the expertise which are needed for the Dutch statutory obligations in fisheries monitoring and advice. The contents of the KB WOT Fisheries programme for 2015 reflects the needs of the research developments the WOT fisheries programme. The strength of the KB WOT Fisheries programme is the bottom up approach which calls for projects and thus allowing innovation. As this can also be seen as a risk to missing research priorities, part of the programme also calls for specific projects relevant to IMARES and EZ needs. The KB WOT Fisheries programme will fund 14 projects in 2015 which will focus on remote sensing of fish and shell fish, the interaction of ecology and fisheries and new techniques for surveys and development of assessment methods. The programme will increase the ability of the WOT programme to ensure that fisheries advice is responsive to ecological change. This report describes the framework for the 2015 programme and the proposed research which will be carried out in 2015.