Nieuwe verdienmodellen voor de Innovatie en Demonstratie Centra

Ruijs, M.N.A.


Within the project ‘Knowledge and Innovation IDC Westland- Oostland’ Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture examines which alternative earning models are suitable for the Innovation and Demonstration Centre (IDC) in order to be less dependent on government contribution. There are various earning models, additional activities and governance issues identified, which could increase the continuity perspective of IDC. Nevertheless, representatives of the IDC and Greenport Westland-Oostland believe anyhow that public financing is desirable for knowledge exchange and dissemination. The IDCs are recommended to examine the value of the models further for their situation. The extent to which earning models can be successful for IDC may vary depending on design (thematic / sectoral), ranking in core activities and affiliation with the agenda of the private sector.