Producentenorganisaties als instrument voor concurrentiekracht en innovatie : uitbreiding van perspectief door het nieuwe GLB?

Smit, A.B.; Prins, H.; Litjens, M.E.G.; Ham, A. van den; Bijman, J.; Zaalmink, W.


Producer organisations (POs) in agri- and horticulture give primary producers the opportunity to strengthen their position in the chain. Until 1 January 2014, POs were only recognised in the vegetables and fruit sector. Since then, POs can now also be organised in other agri- and horticulture sectors due to a change in EU policy. This refers to officially recognised producer organisations besides or instead of several existing horizontal cooperative organisations. This report presents the opportunities of cooperation in general and of organising a PO in the agri- and horticulture, including competition aspects which could create some barriers.