How to achieve resource use efficiency in integrated food and biobased value chains : Vision paper

Annevelink, E.; Gogh, J.B. van; Bartels, Paul; Broeze, J.; Dam, J.E.G. van; Groot, Jim; Koenderink, N.J.J.P.; Oever, M.J.A. van den; Snels, J.C.M.A.; Top, J.L.; Willems, D.J.M.


This publication contains a vision, formulated by research experts in food and biobased production, on how to achieve increased efficient and effective use of available resources during the production and (re)processing of biomass for food and biobased products, feed and energy. This paper briefly elaborates on the transition to a sustainable bio-economy (see graph 1), focusing on the needs and requirements from a value chain perspective.