Advies Mestverwerkingspercentages 2018

Oenema, O.


On 1 January 2014 a system of compulsory manure treatment was introduced in the Netherlands. All livestock farmers with a manure surplus (expressed in kg phosphate) are required to have part of this manure surplus treated. Each year the Minister for Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV) determines the official manure treatment percentages per region in consultation with the agricultural organisations. These percentages are based on the results of an analysis by the Scientific Committee on the Nutrient Management Policy (CDM), which is carried out in accordance with a protocol agreed with the ministry. This report presents the results of the analysis of the calculated manure treatment percentages per region for 2018, under different assumptions. These percentages are based on an empirical analysis of the manure production per region in 2016 and an analysis of the maximum permitted manure allocation (in kg phosphate) and expected actual manure input per region in 2017. The analyses take account of the effects of redistribution of manure between farms within and between regions, and of exemptions from the compulsory manure treatment regulation. The total amount of manure to be treated in 2018 is 45 ± 5 kg phosphate. The manure treatment percentages in the ‘baseline’ variant are 10% for the region ‘Other’ (minimum manure treatment percentage), 55% for the region ‘East’, 62% the region ‘South’, and 47% for the whole of the Netherlands. Changes in the assumptions about manure production and the manure input ratio (the ratio of actual manure input, in kg phosphate, to the average total permitted phosphate input) have a large effect on the manure treatment percentages for region East (34–75%), region South (39–82%) and for the Netherlands as a whole (30–60%). Implementation of the Responsible Growth of Dairy Farming Act (Wet Verantwoorde groei melkveehouderij) in combination with the Order in Council on ‘land-based growth of dairy farming’ leads to figure for the total amount of dairy farm manure (in kg phosphate) to be treated of 5.1 million kg phosphate. In consultation with the agricultural organizations the Minister for LNV determines the manure treatment percentages per region