Vijfentwintig jaar burgerbetrokkenheid in het natuurbeleid : Analyse van beleidsdiscoursen en publiek draagvlak

Buijs, A.E.; Elands, B.H.M.; Koppen, C.S.A. van; Warmelink, N.


This report on public engagement with nature conservation between 1990 and 2017 focuses on public support for nature conservation and on policy discourses about public engagement. Based on a distinction between instrumental and idealistic motivations for engaging with the general public, three policy discourses on public engagement are described: Ecology First, Broadening and Embedding, and Co-creation and Economy. Although policy discourses and public opinion are influenced by a multitude of external factors, critical discourses on nature conservation policies seem to have contributed to a decrease in public support for nature conservation policies from 2006 onwards. The latest questionnaire results from 2017 suggest that public support for nature conservation policy is increasing. Meanwhile, most people do not consider nature conservation a priority for government policy.