Standaard Data Formulieren Natura 2000-gebieden : aanvullingen vanwege wijzigingen in Natura 2000-aanwijzingsbesluiten

Bos-Groenendijk, G.J.; Swaay, C.A.M. van; Schmidt, A.M.


This report explains the additional information on the Standard Data Forms for species listed in Annex II of the Habitats Directive. These forms make up part of the database of information on Natura 2000 sites. The database can be used as material evidence in legal proceedings and is used by the European Commission when assessing proposals for Natura 2000 sites. In 2017 an analysis was made of present but not designated conservation values for habitats and species under the Habitats Directive. The analysis identified 74 species-site combinations to be added to designation orders for Natura 2000 sites. Information on these combinations has been entered onto the Standard Data Forms, including data on the numbers of a species, the type of population, the relative population compared with other populations in the Netherlands, species habitat quality, the location of the population within the European range and a general evaluation. The assessments of the sites for each species were made by experts