Conceptual description of an integrated biomass logistics centre (IBLC)

Annevelink, Bert; Gogh, Bart Van; Nogués, Fernando Sebastián; Espatolero, Sergio; La Cruz, Teresa De; Luzzini, Davide; Karampinis, Manolis; Kougioumtzis, Michalis; Olsson, Johanna


The main goal of the AGROinLOG project is the demonstration of Integrated Biomass Logistic Centres (IBLCs) for food and non-food products, evaluating their technical, environmental and economic feasibility. Applying IBLCs in existing agro-industries can have a positive impact on the final product price, giving a clear competitive strength to these agro-industries in comparison with a new biomass supply business that is built from scratch. The main challenges are being able to integrate logistics, harvesting and equipment in food and non-food applications, and ensuring the marketability of the final bio-commodities. The first task of the AGROinLOG project was to provide a conceptual description of the features and characteristics of an IBLC. With this IBLC description the researchers intend to provide a theoretical framework that builds further on results from previous projects (such as SUCELLOGucellog), describing the current thoughts on Agro-Industry Logistics Centres (ALCs).