Erratum: Assessing the impact of underwater clearance of unexploded ordnance on harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) in the Southern North Sea

Benda-Beckmann, Alexander M. von; Aarts, Geert; Sertlek, H.; Lucke, Klaus; Verboom, Wim C.; Kastelein, Ronald A.; Ketten, Darlene R.; Bemmelen, Rob van; Lam, Frans Peter A.; Kirkwood, Roger J.; Ainslie, Michael A.


This erratum concerns Figure 9 of the original article in which the line delimiting two effect types ("Permanent hearing loss increasingly likely" and "Permanent hearing loss very likely") was misplaced. This error, which has now been corrected, affects neither the main text nor the conclusion of the study. The authors apologize for the error.