Perspectives of Ecochar in Europe : Uses and regulatory requirements

Gollenbeek, Luuk; Ehlert, Phillip; Buisonjé, Fridtjof


Wageningen Research performed a desk study commissioned by Mavitec about the possible uses andregulations in Europe of Ecochar, a manure based biochar. Currently (May 2018) European andnational regulations do not support the use and trade of Ecochar (manure based biochar) other than‘waste’ but proposals are currently developed and expected to be implemented in 2-3 years. Based onthe results of the analyses of pig manure and turkey litter Ecochars it is concluded that Ecochars arecharacterised as ‘nutrient rich biochars’. If Ecochar fulfils the quality specifications that will beestablished in future, use as fertilizer or industrial use can become successful. Research of biochars isdominated with biochars from vegetable resources. Further research is advised.