Klimaat sturen op de inhoud van het blad

Dieleman, Anja; Polder, Gerrit; Meinen, Esther; Arkel, Jeroen van; Weerheim, Kees


Growers would like to know the status of their crop to determine climate strategy and crop management practices. Chemical composition of the crop can now only be determined by sampling leaves or fruits, send this to a laboratory and wait for the analysis. In this project, we aimed to use hyperspectral imaging to determine the contents of sugars and starch, dry matter percentage, chlorophyll and nutrient composition in the crop. The results are promising. Hyperspectral cameras are very well capable to estimate the concentrations of sugars in leaves and fruits, chlorophyll content, dry matter percentage and specific leaf area. This allows the growers to adjust their climate settings or crop management based on these hyperspectral images.