Overview of existing knowledge concerning food behaviour interventions out-of-home, in the working environment and in online settings : a literature quick scan -WP1 -Food, Value, Impact

Reinders, Machiel; Bouwman, Emily; Taufik, Danny


In this deliverable of the PPS project Food, Value, Impact an overview is made of scientific food behaviour intervention studies with a focus on three real-life settings that have a central role in this project, namely out-of-home, the working environment and online(i.e., web-based food behaviour interventions through websites or apps). This deliverable provides insight into which type of behavioural interventions have been tested and are particularly effective in stimulating healthy and/or sustainable food choices in each of these three settings. The overview is based on 89 studies in total (out-of-home: 24; working environment: 33; online: 32), that were found by doing a literature search in the database Web of Science. Results show that in the settings out-of-homeand working environment most interventions tested a type of nudging strategy to stimulate healthy and/or sustainable food choices, whereas in the setting onlinemost interventions tested forms of information and/or education in order to entice consumers to make more healthy and/or sustainable food choices. Moreover, most studies focus on interventions related to healthy food choices. The large majority of the interventions that were included in the quick scan were successful in stimulating the targeted behaviour.
This overview can be helpful for researchers who are involved in the project Food, Value, Impact or who are interested or want to develop an intervention in one of these settings (e.g. the use cases). Note that the studies that are described in this deliverable are based on a quick scan of the literature and cannot be labelled as a systematic review. The articles described depend on the search criteria that were set for the literature search. Therefore it is possible that some relevant studies might be missing. Nevertheless, this literature quick scan gives an indication of which intervention components are particularly effective in stimulating healthy and/or sustainable food choicesineach of the three settings.