Novel carbapenemases FLC-1 and IMI-2 encoded by an enterobacter cloacae complex isolated from food products

Brouwer, Michael S.M.; Tehrani, Kamaleddin H.M.E.; Rapallini, Michel; Geurts, Yvon; Kant, Arie; Harders, Frank; Mashayekhi, Vida; Martin, Nathaniel I.; Bossers, Alex; Mevius, Dik J.; Wit, Ben; Veldman, Kees T.


Food for human consumption is screened widely for the presence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria to assess the potential for transfer of resistant bacteria to the general population. Here, we describe an Enterobacter cloacae complex isolated from imported seafood that encodes two carbapenemases on two distinct plasmids. Both enzymes belong to Ambler class A -lactamases, the previously described IMI-2 and a novel family designated FLC-1. The hydrolytic activity of the novel enzyme against aminopenicillins, cephalosporins, and carbapenems was determined.