Zonneparken: Kansen voor biodiversiteit en andere landschapsfuncties?

Zee, Friso van der; Bloem, Jaap; Galama, Paul; Gollenbeek, Luuk; Os, Jaap van; Schotman, Alex; Vries, Sjerp de


The construction of solar parks in the Netherlands is experiencing strong growth. This leads to a discussion about the use of scarce space. What are the effects of solar parks on the soil, agriculture, biodiversity and the perception of the landscape? Are there opportunities for other functions in addition to power generation? This article reports on a literature review of this question. There certainly are opportunities for combining solar parks with biodiversity and agriculture. To achieve this, an optimum must be sought between maximum power production and other functions. What is the best way to design and manage a solar park? The most important conclusion is that much knowledge is still lacking in this area and that further research is urgently needed.