Ontwikkeling klimaatlat veehouderij

Mollenhorst, H.; Ridder, A. de; Groenestein, C.N.


The ‘Yardstick Sustainable Animal Husbandry’ (in Dutch: Maatlat Duurzame Veehouderij, MDV) already contained a ‘Climate Yardstick’ (in Dutch: Klimaatlat) with some certified measures regarding energy saving and generation of renewable energy. It was desirable to extend this with measures to stimulate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from animal houses and manure storages. Some uncertainties about relations between methane, nitrous oxide and ammonia emissions remained after an earlier performed literature review. These relationships were investigated in 6 subprojects. Based on these results some measures were added to the certification scheme. These added measures, however, are limited to systems with liquid manure, in which quick removal of manure from the animal houses is coupled with low-emission storage or manure processing.