Toetsing van de Groene Weide Meststof in de praktijk : Demovelden van de gebiedsgerichte pilot Kunstmestvrije Achterhoek, 2018

Ehlert, Phillip; Lippe, John van der


The aim of the project Biobased Fertilisers Achterhoek (in Dutch Kunstmestvrije Achterhoek) project is to make fertilisation practice more sustainable by means of the use of locally available nutrients from renewable sources. The project is part of the sixth action program of the Netherlands serving the Nitrate Directive. One of the objectives is to identify the eligible product quality and product composition of fertilising products from animal manure and sludge which can be produced by means of best available techniques for manure and sludge processing. This objective has been worked out by WUR-Wageningen Environmental Research (WUR-WENR) in a monitoring program. A research topic is testing of a new fertilising product from animal manure and other (most renewable) nitrogen sources in demonstration field trials. This document reports the first results of the year 2018. The demonstration field trials will be continued in 2019 and 2020.