Verkenning van bodem en vegetatie in 25 zonneparken in Nederland : Eerste overzicht van de ligging van zonneparken in Nederland en stand van de kennis over het effect van zonneparken op de bodemkwaliteit

Schotman, Alex; Zee, Friso van der; Hazeu, Gerard; Bloem, Jaap; Sluijsmans, Jeroen; Vittek, Marian


Questions were asked in the House of Representatives about the explosive increase in solar parks and the effects on agriculture, soil, biodiversity and landscape. Both negative (for example on the soil) and positive effects are predicted when opportunities for the development of biodiversity are exploited. In order to gain an impression of whether the concern about the soil is justified and whether there is already a benefit for biodiversity, an exploration was carried out in 25 solar parks in 2019 and 2020. The goals of this project were:1.Determining the vegetation on solar parks and the effect of layout and management on the diversity of species.2.Drawing up guidelines for the design and management of solar parks for an optimal balance between economic power production and biodiversity and landscape.3.Obtaining an up-to-date overview of solar parks in the Netherlands based on satellite images.4.Updating a literature study into the effects of solar parks on soil quality. Trefwoorden: zonneparken, zonne-energie, natuur, biodiversiteit, beheer, bodem