Ditch parameterisation for the aquatic exposure assessment of plant protection products in the Netherlands by sideways and upward spraying in fruit orchards

Horst, Mechteld ter; Wipfler, Louise; Boesten, Jos; Massop, Harry; Walvoort, Dennis


Pests and diseases in fruit-orchards and lane tree-nurseries are frequently treated with pesticides, that are applied by sideways or upward spraying. To assess the risk to aquatic organisms associated with the application of these pesticides, specific scenarios are required as part of a tiered assessment scheme. In these scenarios, next to spray drift, drainage is included as well as entry route of pesticide in the ditch. This report describes the hydrological parameterisation of the edge-of-field ditch model next to fruit-orchards. This parameterised model is part of the Dutch exposure assessment scenarios for fruit-orchards. This report is an update of WEnR report 2850. In addition to the hydrological parameterisation described in WEnR report 2850, the drainage entry route to the ditch is now part of the hydrological parameterisation described.