Conditionaliteit in het GLB : Onderzoeksvarianten voor een verkenning van de deelnamebereidheid bij ondernemers in de primaire landbouw

Berkhout, Petra; Helming, John; Blokland, Pieter-Willem; Smit, Bert; Polman, Nico; Greijdanus, Auke


In the current implementation period of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), farmers must meet various legal requirements to be able to apply for direct area based payments from the first and second pillars. In the European Commission’s proposals for the CAP’s new implementation period, the Member States must offer proposals to add weight to these requirements; this is referred to as enhanced conditionality. This study analyses the impact of various research variants of enhanced conditionality on the operating costs of a number of representative business types in the Dutch agricultural sector. The aim is to explore the minimum level of the basic payment at which, on average, a business type can still meet the requirements of conditionality. This offers a picture of the range and effectiveness of the conditionality requirements.