Procesbeschrijving regionale samenwerking om te komen tot oplossingen voor de energietransitie : Gebiedspilot Noordelijke Friese Wouden, PPS ‘landbouw als vliegwiel voor de energietransitie’

Kernebeek, Heleen van; Migchels, Gerard; Veefkind, Wouter


The Noordelijke Friese Wouden sees potential in contributing to climate goals by putting solar panels on the roofs of agricultural buildings. The problem is, however, that, especially in summer, not all the generated electricity can be delivered to the grid, as the capacity of the grid is incompatible. In this pilot, stakeholders jointly look for solutions for this problem within the concept of Smart Energy Systems, a holistic approach where energy production, -storage, and -transformation technologies are applied. This report provides a description of the process with which the group of stakeholders jointly searched for solutions to contribute to challenges around climate change within their own area.