Kansen van de Noordzee voor de Provincie Zuid-Holland

Roebeling, P.C.; Burg, S. van den; Valk, O. van der; Selnes, T.; Verkennis, A.; Briene, M.; Langevelde, A. van; Schutte, H.; Kempen, H. van; Vrensen, E.; Rij, A.M. van; Rijswijk, S.


The developments on the North Sea offer opportunities to strengthen the economy of the Province of South Holland and to improve the spatial quality of the environment. With this research, the Province of South Holland gains better insight into the developments on and surrounding the North Sea that can influence and shape the provincial ambitions. Based on expected trends and developments on and surrounding the North Sea and related stakeholders’ visions, ambitions and opportunities, we develop four scenarios for the future of the Province of South Holland, building on the North Sea scenarios developed by PBL (2018, 2019). For each of these scenarios, we provide insight into the expected economic and spatial impacts as well as an overview of the social challenges, the possible policy instruments and the related roles & responsibilities that these scenarios entail. These scenarios form the basis for the definition of no-regret policy recommendations regarding developments and opportunities related to activities on sea, on the coast and in the port. With this we put topics on the agenda for the development of a coherent (future) economic and spatial-environmental policy for the Province of South Holland.