Staat van Landbouw en Voedsel

Berkhout, Petra; Meulen, Harold van der; Ramaekers, Pascal; Verhoog, A.D.; Berkhout, P.; Bergevoet, R.H.M.; Daatselaar, C.H.G.; Horne, P.L.M. van; Hoste, R.; Janssens, S.R.M.; Jukema, G.D.; Manshanden, M.T.; Smit, A.B.; Valk, Yolande de; Logatcheva, K.; Aramyan, L.H.; Oosterkamp, E.B.; Meer, R.W. van der; Meulen, H.A.B. van der; Silvis, H.J.; Luesink, H.H.; Michels, R.; Polman, N.B.P.


This publication provides a broad overview of the situation of the Dutch agribusiness sector. It discusses, among other things, economic indicators such as value added and employment, the chain structure of various products, foreign trade, sales channels and consumption of food, structural characteristics of businesses throughout the agro chain, income developments, business dynamics in the chain, innovation, the environmental impact of agricultural production, as well as the contribution of the agricultural sector to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).