Living With Fire and the Need for Diversity

Stoof, C.R.; Kettridge, N.


The 2018–2021 wildfire seasons were a glimpse of the future: deadly damaging fires in Mediterranean regions and high fire activity outside the typical fire season, also in temperate and boreal areas. This challenge cannot be solved with the traditional mono-disciplinary approach of fire suppression. There is a critical need to change fire management from fire resistance to landscape resilience: Living with fire. Climate change thereby creates an urgency for understanding the integrated drivers of fire impacts and risks, and for designing creative and effective risk reduction, management and communication strategies. We argue that achieving this integrated fire management requires inter- and transdisciplinary research based on four axes of diversity: combining cross-geography, cross-risk, and cross-sector approaches while embracing social diversity. This requires a new way of training our future experts, a broader way of defining scientific excellence, and stimulation of opportunities for people from various disciplines and sectors to meet and learn.