Perspectives on Pastoralism | Film festival

Wageningen University & Research, CELEP and Dierenartsen Zonder Grenzen-NL, cordially invite you for the Perspectives on Pastoralism Film festival.

Organisator Impulse

do 12 maart 2020 17:00 tot 21:00

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115
Zaal/kamer Speakers corner
Prijs Gratis


Nomadic pastoralists make an important contribution to food and protein production and food security worldwide. They make sustainable use of vast (semi-)desert and mountain areas under specific conditions. While doing this, they do not only exploit the natural environment, but also create landscapes, maintain biodiversity and preserve wildlife populations. Yet, in many areas they are facing tremendous challenges because of land occupation, climate change, mining, political turmoil and hostile governments endangering their way of life. In these challenges the three core domains of Wageningen University & Research (food, feed and bio-based economy, natural resources and living environment, well-being and society), come together and pose important questions and issues for interdisciplinary and societal relevant research. 


17:00 Walk in
17:45 Welcome by DzG NL & Han van Dijk
18:15 Part 1
19:00 Intermission (drinks and bites)
19:45 Part 2
20:30 Discussion
21:00 End

The Perspectives on Pastoralism Film Festival will deepen understanding of how diverse peoples across the world gain their livelihoods from extensive livestock production. The relationships of pastoralist people and animals and their food production systems reflect an intimate intertwining of culture, economy and ecology in harsh environments such as drylands and mountainous regions. In such environments, mobility of animals plays a key role. Films of multiple genres – spanning documentary, narrative and experimental – made by pastoralists and/or about pastoralists offer different insights into issues important to pastoralists.

The Perspectives on Pastoralism Film Festival is initiated by CELEP, with editions in Brussels (BE), Kassel (GE), Nairobi (KE – upcoming).