Ecovillages as spaces of place-based transformative learning

Promovendus Siri SR (Siri) Pisters MSc
Promotor AEJ (Arjen) Wals
Externe copromotor Hilkka Vihinen & Elisabete Figueiredo
Organisatie Wageningen University, Onderwijs- en leerwetenschappen

ma 31 oktober 2022 13:30 tot 15:00

Locatie Omnia
Zaal/kamer Groot Auditorium


This thesis looks at how people who are currently living in so called 'ecovillages',
have learned their way into a lifestyle that is often quite radically different from
modern day lifestyles. In doing so, this research aims to better understand what a
proces of change, from our current unsustainable lifestyles towards more sustainable forms of living, requires from people. Why are people inclined towards change? How do they cope with change? And how do changes in the 'inner' or personal, relateto changes in behaviour, lifestyle and relationships.