12th Annual Meeting EPIZONE 2018


12th Annual Meeting EPIZONE 2018

From 27 - 30 Augustus the 12th Annual Meeting EPIZONE 2018 will take place. It will be held jointly with the 11th International Congress for Veterinary Virology (ESVV) in Vienna. The programme is covering all aspects of veterinary virology. Wageningen Bioveterinary Research is involved in the parts of the programme that are listed below.

Organisator ESVV en EPIZONE

ma 27 augustus 2018 tot do 30 augustus 2018

Locatie University of Veterinary Medicine in Wenen

Below the activities in which Wageningen Bioveterinary Research is involved.

Tuesday 27 August

  • Veterinary public health, epidemiology, risk assessment and modelling
  • Poster presentation: Mammalian Orthoreovirus Reassortant isolated from diarrheic pigs: Prevalence in the Netherlands and Propagation in Cell Culture
  • Poster presentation: Performance of five commercial ELISA kits for detection of antibodies binding classical swine fever virus glycoprotein E2

Wednesday 28 August

  • Correlation of Serological Response after Vaccination against FMDV and Protection against Challenge in Pigs
  • Vector competence: The role of viral proteins in transmission of bluetongue virus by midges
  • Efficacy of A MAY 97 Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus vaccine against heterologous challenge with a field virus from the emerging A/ASIA/G-VII lineage in cattle