3rd International Conference on Food Oral Processing

Physics, physiology and psychology of eating.
This conference aims at the principles and mechanisms underpinning eating and sensory appreciation in order to seek fundamental understanding of food - body interactions and developing tasty, healthy foods. It will provide a unique opportunity for industrial researchers to meet with academics for knowledge transfer and to establish research collaborations.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research, Human Nutrition & Health

Sun 29 June 2014 until Wed 2 July 2014

Venue Hof van Wageningen

    Conference sessions

    • Food structure, breakdown and sensory perception
    • Food structure and food design for specific consumer groups
    • Bolus formation and physiology of eating, drinking and swallowing
    • Food and saliva
    • Food oral processing and regulation of food intake
    • Evolutionary aspects of food oral processing
    • The mouth, the gut and the brain: The golden triangle
    • Oral sensory receptors and oral tactile perception
    • Modelling of oral processing and in mouth taste and flavour release
    • New analytical techniques to measure food oral processing

    Plenary speakers

    • Prof. John Bronlund - Massey University, New Zealand
    • Dr Jianshe Chen - University of Leeds, United Kingdom
    • Dr Gilles Feron - INRA-CSGA, Dijon, France
    • Prof. Allen Foegeding - North Carolina State University, United States of America
    • Dr Ciaran Forde - Nestle Research Center, Switzerland
    • Dr Kaoru Kohyama - National Food Research Institute, Japan
    • Marco Morgenstern - Plant & Food Research, New Zealand
    • Dr Cornelia Rauh - University of Erlangen-N├╝rnberg, Germany
    • Prof. Anthony Sclafani - Brooklyn College, United States of America
    • Prof. Peter Ungar - University of Arkansas, United States of America