7th European Equine Health & Nutrition Congress: “Feeding the Equine Athlete”

The European Equine Health and Nutrition Congress (EEHNC) takes place every two years. The EEHNC has grown over the years as a leading international event uniting scientists from around the world to share innovative ideas on equine health and nutrition. The Centre of Animal Nutrition participates in the organization.

Organised by Equine Health & Nutrition Association,

Thu 26 March 2015 until Fri 27 March 2015

The 7th EEHNC in 2015 will focus on “Feeding and the Equine Athlete.” On March 26-27, 2015 the 7th EEHNC will take place in the Provincial Palace located in the heart of the historic city center of Bruges (Belgium).

The Congress attracts equine practitioners, researchers, nutritionists and equine professionals from around the world. In 2015, comparative sessions will be scheduled that highlight differences and perspectives for the equine athlete from a human exercise physiology and sport nutrition point of view. The agenda consists of lectures by internationally acclaimed specialists in the areas of nutrition, exercise physiology and veterinary science. In addition, representatives from various equestrian disciplines will also participate in the discussion “How to better integrate nutrition and training strategies in the management of the equine athlete”.

Day one will be dedicated to “Growing towards performance”. The second day of the program will focus on “Feeding the Equine Athlete” (Friday). The setup of this meeting will be of special interest for equine professionals and veterinarians involved in the management and care of performance horses. Both practical as well as clinical perspectives of feeding, training and management will be addressed. Examples of questions that will be discussed from a multidisciplinary perspective are: “How to integrate nutrition into training programmes and recovery?” and “What is needed to help the equine athlete to maintain or improve its health and/or condition?

More information regarding this congress and full programme as well as previous proceedings of the EEHNC congress can be found on the congress website: A call for abstracts is open until November 10, 2014. Detailed information can also be found on the congress website.

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