a global one health symposium


A Global One Health symposium

Controlling the risks of disease outbreaks and reducing endemic infectious diseases are crucial to food security, public health, climate change and biodiversity. This requires a system approach with a multidisciplinary character. This symposium gives you an insight in how you can get involved in this multidisciplinary research.

Organisator Wageningen University & Research, Wageningen Bioveterinary Research

do 26 mei 2016 13:00 tot 16:30

Locatie Forum, building number 102
Droevendaalsesteeg 2
6708 PB Wageningen
Zaal/kamer Room 218

We use the phrase ‘A Global One Health’, as it reflects the interconnectedness and global nature of health care for humans, animals, plants and the environment. Many health risks can be controlled through effective interventions consisting of an adequate and varied food supply, hygiene, medicines, vaccines, vector control and crop protection.
A sustainable and shared approach requires an integrated analysis of infectious diseases, with contributions from various knowledge domains. We perform research into infectious diseases, vectors, ecology, epidemiology, healthy agriculture (animal health and plant health) healthy nutrition and intestinal flora, food security and safety, and social health issues. Through a system approach, we provide an essential contribution to improving the health of people, animals and plants.
This symposium gives you an insight in how to get involved in this multidisciplinary research.



Chair / Discussion leader: Willem Takken

12:30 Registration, with coffee / tea
13:00 Opening by Louise Fresco. The global perspective on Global One Health
13:10 Willem Takken. Global One Health: a new concept to meet future challenges
13:20 Jolande Zijlstra. The Top Sector Life Sciences and Health: a brief overview of our collective ambitions and activities
13:40 Jurriaan Mes en Albert Winkel. EndLESS - Reduction of particulate matter and particle-born (dust) endotoxins in animal production to improve human and animal health.
14:00 Ine van der Fels. Heterogenity of mycotoxine infection in batches.
14:20 Pitch Leo van Overbeek. Global One Health risks of livestock manure application.
14:35 Pitch Pieter van ’t Veer. Sustainable Food Systems for Healthy People.
14:50 Pitch Hendrik Jan Roest: Emerging zoonoses in relation to the changing socio-economic environment.
15:05 Coffee break + match making.
15:35 Ron Bergevoet. Successful intervention strategies in Global One Health: what can behavioural economics bring to the table.
15:55 Sander Koenraadt. Blood-feeding midges as models for the role of microbiomes in the transmission of diseases.
16:15 Closure by Wim van der Poel
16:30 Drinks