A day of a traditional Chinese student

Wisdom & Wonder Pavilion, 20:00-21:30 - Ever desired to experience the daily life of a Chinese student from 1000 years ago? Image in the morning, you put on traditional Chinese clothes, go to school and learn calligraphy and mathematics. After lunch, you play games and compete with your fellow students. This classical event will be presented in a timeline format of the day. You will experience the “typical day” as a Chinese student, by taking part in challenges where you can win stamps.

Organisator CASSW

do 5 april 2018 20:00 tot 21:30

Locatie Wisdom & Wonder Pavilion
Prijsomschrijving Registration for free from 19 to 25 March

Visiting the stand you will see Chinese dress attire, calligraphy, abacus calculation, chopstick, etc. try your hand competing in the challenges. Other activities at this event, include a Chinese fortune-teller, riddles to solve and dumplings for you taste! You can exchange the stamps you win for gifts and snacks. Come and enjoy a real Chinese culture event and taste authentic Chinese food!

Please register (for free) for this event via Facebook. Entrance fee for non-registered visitors is 2 euro cash.