Lessons from Paradise - B. Needham and E. van Leeuwen

Barrie Needham, one of the most important academics on land policy in the Netherlands, reflects and looks back to the development of spatial planning and land policy, Eveline van Leeuwen, professor in Urban Economics, picks up these lessons and discusses future spatial planning in the Netherlands.

Organised by Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning

Mon 7 October 2019 14:00

Venue Gaia, gebouwnummer 101
Room Gaia 1 and Gaia 2

The Netherlands are “planners’ paradise” – Andreas Faludi & Arnold van der Valk coined this term in 1994 for the Dutch planning system. Recent years in the Netherlands have been rather turbulent in terms of land policy and spatial planning, though. This AESOP lecture is dedicated to the lessons that can be drawn from the dynamics of land policy in the Netherlands in the long run.

In the panel debate afterwards the focus shall be opened up to general lessons for planning education and research.