Advances in Plant and Food Metabolomics workshop

This 2-day workshop and 1-day free symposium is aimed at young scientists who have limited or no background in metabolomics. The concept of how to apply metabolomics approaches to plant-based research including: experimental design, the technologies for data generation (LC/GC MS and NMR), data management and (pre)processing, data mining approaches and statistically-sound data interpretation, will be introduced.

Organised by Experimental Plant Sciences graduate school

Tue 10 December 2019 until Wed 11 December 2019

Venue Wageningen Campus
Price description Varying: €85, €170 or €255 (see description in gray box)

The free symposium on 12 December 2019 on Advances in Plant and Food Metabolomics is an integral part of this workshop and attendance for all three days is obligatory.

Registration & Selection

Participants for this workshop will be selected on the basis of a short motivation letter (1/2 A4) in which you will have to explain how you intend to use this workshop in your (future) research. The deadline for applying is 1 October 2019. More information about the workshop and the registration procedure can be found on the Experimental Plant Sciences graduate school website.

Support and sponsors

This workshop and the affiliated symposium have been made possible with sponsoring from the Netherlands Metabolomics Centre, the Nils Foss Excellence Prize, the International Metabolomics Society, the Shared Research Facilities at Wageningen University & Research, Wageningen Campus Connect and the Graduate School EPS.