African Night: For the Culture

Orion, 19:00-23:00 - This activity intends to showcase the rich array of cultures and traditions from the African continent. All the 34 African countries represented in WUR are expected to take part in one activity or the other. These activities shall include music, arts, fashion and food. We would like to have the cultural displays (main events) in Orion and everyone is free to attend. Also, because Music and dance are of course the soul of the African continent, an African event could not be said to be complete without a party! Therefore, we will have an after party in either International club or Cafe Loburg. For this we would like to charge an entrance fee of 3 Euros.

Organised by United Community of African Students (UCAS)

Sat 28 March 2020 19:00 to 23:00

Venue The Spot, Orion, building number 103