African Philosophy and knowledge diversity in international development

This WASS CPT seminar focuses on indigenous African knowledge systems and Western scientific knowledge systems. International development tends to be dominated by Western scientific knowledge, while the importance of indigenous knowledge systems is increasingly acknowledged. The seminar therefore discusses possible relations, tensions and co-creation between indigenous African knowledge systems and Western knowledge systems.

Organisator Leerstoelgroep Philosophy, Leerstoelgroep Knowledge Technology and Innovation

ma 15 april 2019 13:30 tot 17:00

Locatie Leeuwenborch, gebouwnummer 201
Hollandseweg 1
6706 KN Wageningen
+31 (0)317 48 36 39
Zaal/kamer C64

The seminar is open for students and colleagues from Wageningen University. WASS PhD students are especially invited to join the panel discussion. WASS PhD students are expected to read literature and prepare questions in advance.

All participants are requested to register in advance by sending an email to

Program seminar

Birgit Boogaard and Leon Pijnenburg: Word of welcome and introduction

Pius Mosima: African Philosophy and International Development: The case for an intercultural/inclusive approach to sustainable development

Wilfred Lajul: Management of the African Knowledge System and the Future of Africa in the World


David Ludwig: Towards a Political Epistemology of International Development

Panel discussion with WASS PhD students


Seminar readings

  • Mosima, Pius (2016) "Introduction: African philosophy". In: Philosophic sagacity and intercultural philosophy. Beyond Henry Odera Oruka, p1-22
  • Mosima, Pius (2018) "Philosophy of Wellbeing in African Intellectualism: Can it Contribute to the Development of the Continent?" in: African Perspectives on Global Development, (Eds) Mahmoud Masaeli, Sanni Yaya and Rico Sneller, Cambridge Scholars Publishing \ University of Ottawa Press, p45-74.
  • Lajul (2014) "Management of the African Knowledge System and the Future of Africa in the World" Philosophia Africana,16:1, 43-57.African Philosophy
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