Agri-Chains & Sustainable Development 2016


Agri-Chains & Sustainable Development 2016

AC&SD 2016 will bring together up to 300 delegates, including key actors from developing countries and innovators from the field from all world regions, to debate about the role of agricultural value chains in the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals. The conference aims at strengthening the science and policy interface for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, considering that agricultural value chains form spaces where local and global challenges to sustainability connect and within which local and global actors experiment and negotiate innovative solutions.

Organisator Cirad

ma 12 december 2016 tot wo 14 december 2016

Locatie Le Corum, Montpellier, France

Debates will focus on 3 themes:

  1. Performance and evaluation of agri-chains with respect to the SDGs;
  2. Concrete innovations and partnerships for building and transforming agri-chains towards sustainable development.
  3. Public policies and agri-chain governance mechanisms at different scales in support of the SDGs;

Provisional information on the program are available here.