AgriFood Executive Global Programme

The AgriFood Executive Global Programme (AEGP) is a world-class development programme for future world-leading business executives and leaders in the global AgriFood industry. Its aim is to strengthen future executives in AgriFood industry and institutions to develop themselves and their business in a global context.

Organisator IESE Business School & Wageningen Academy
Duur approximately 1 year
Setup Andere setup

Programme outline

The AgriFood industry is a sector of global dynamics. The programme lays-out a journey trough four continents: Europe, North America, South America and Asia. This way it provides the unique opportunity to experience and explore all true characteristics of the industry in real life cases and situations.

The programme is focussed on exploring the entire AgriFood value chain: from reproduction to final consumption, or rather from farm to fork. Special attention is given to understanding the underlying systems of interacting networks.  

Target Group

The programme is designed for top executives and business leaders in the AgriFood industry. The programme will provide participants with the knowledge and practice to compete globally for senior management roles in AgriFood. Taught by outstanding professors specialised in AgriFood and business development, candidates will acquire the required knowledge and practices. Throughout the four modules the participant will work on real life cases, visit several top companies in the AgriFood industry, and world leading educational institutes on the four continents.

Result for you

The main objective of the programme is to generate new business perspectives within one’s own organisation, as well as between the participating organisations. In-depth interaction will be facilitated between the participants whilst building on new insights derived from the programme. Discussions om managing AgriFood challenges will evolve around real life experiences from company visits and case studies.The programme is delivered in four modules of one week and will de completed within one year.