Agribusiness event


Agribusiness event

On behalf of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), Wageningen UR cordially invites you to the workshop:
Innovation for Agribusiness – Strengthening supply chains and business to business collaborations between the Netherlands, Ukraine and the Western Balkans.

Organisator Wageningen Economic Research

vr 18 december 2015 12:45 tot 18:00

Locatie Impulse, building number 115
Stippeneng 2
6708 WE Wageningen
+31 317-482828

The Netherlands is one of the world’s largest agriculture producers and a leader in innovation and productivity. The country’s agricultural productivity is five times higher than the European average and it has the second highest private research and development investment rate in agri-food in Europe. The Dutch agriculture sector is the second largest exporter in agriculture in the world. In addition, 12 of the top 40 agribusinesses are established or have research and development (“R&D”) activities in the Netherlands.

Innovation is the key to re-energising growth

For agribusinesses in the transition region innovation is the key to re-energising growth, yet these companies do not always have the opportunity to tap into knowledge and research. In addition to developing new technology, innovation in transition countries often takes the form of adopting existing products and processes from more developed countries and adapting them to local conditions. Accessing this know-how can speed up the adoption of technology at company level. Moreover, increased access to tailored advice for innovation can boost competitive pressure and focused research can better identify specific challenges and business needs.

With its focus on healthy food, sustainability, food security, and food safety and quality, the Netherlands can act as a model for countries where the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) invests by sharing expertise and innovation strategies and supporting more efficient and sustainable food systems. In transition countries agriculture still accounts for 10-15 percent of GDP and employs a large number of the working population.

Creating a supportive business environment

Linking agribusiness and research will contribute to the EBRD Private Sector for Food Security Initiative and its focus on improving food production standards and practices and policy transparency through public-private platforms. The EBRD’s experience in public-private partnerships, particularly in Ukraine and the Balkans, means that such a collaboration would create an effective platform to communicate the needs of the private sector to government and facilitate key reforms. Such collaboration will also further objectives of the EBRD Knowledge Economy Initiative to promote innovation in traditional industries, where there is significant potential for absorbing innovation, given the knowledge gap that separates them from industries in more technologically-advanced regions. Innovation can focus on R&D, state of-the-art technologies, training, skill development and ICT improvements.

To link agribusiness and research, and to create a supportive business environment, the EBRD has recently granted a project to Wageningen UR, Guydyon B.V. and VetEffect Consultancy & Recruiting B.V. to spur innovation and improve business practices at the firm level through research, assessments, targeted advice and technology transfer. Through these activities and adoption of new technologies, as well as the support of the government, positive spillovers within the agricultural sector of the transition countries are expected. Furthermore, this project is anticipated to have strong demonstration effects by bringing experience, technologies, business models, and research from the Netherlands to countries that can upgrade their food quality standards and agribusiness practices to European Union-level in order to improve productivity and competitiveness and facilitate trade.

Kick Off Workshop

This EBRD project kicks off with a workshop organized by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and Wageningen UR. The goal of this workshop is to involve Dutch companies that have an interest in making technologies / operational solutions available and bring these into contact with potential business partners from Ukraine and the Western Balkans. During and after the workshop, the project partners will identify companies and supply chains partners to work with them on a case-by-case basis to promote innovation, improve productivity, enhance competitiveness and facilitate trade. If you believe that your company should participate in the project, make sure to attend the workshop (registration until December 11th). For further information please contact: Isabelle Kamphuis,


12:45 Arrival and coffee

13:00 Welcome to Wageningen

Prof. dr. Arthur P.J. Mol, Rector Magnificus/vice chairman of Wageningen UR Opening remarks and official project launch

Ronald Elkhuizen, Alternate Director for the Netherlands, Board of Directors, EBRD

13:15 Supporting agribusiness competitiveness in Ukraine and the Western Balkans

Victoria Zinchuk, Head of Agribusiness Advisory, EBRD

Supporting entrepreneurship and international business links

Isabelle Kamphuis, Department of International Cooperation, RVO

13:40 Doing business with Ukraine, Western Balkan countries and the Netherlands

Moderator:     Victoria Zinchuk (EBRD)

Speakers:        Kees Huizinga, CEO, TOV Kischenzi (Ukraine)

Ilija Šetka, General Manager, Imlek (Serbia)

Mark Kroese, Sales Manager Export, Trioliet (the Netherlands)

14:30 Coffee break

14:50 Overview of the EBRD-Wageningen UR project Innovation for Agribusiness

Jos Verstegen, Senior Researcher, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, UR

15:10 How agribusiness benefits from Wageningen UR’s innovation projects

by Wageningen UR experts

15:30 Plenary panel discussion: challenges, opportunities and partnerships for innovation in Ukraine and the Western Balkans

Moderator: Krijn Poppe, Research Manager, Agricultural and Business Economics, UR

Panellists: Siemen van Berkum (UR), Volodymyr Ladyka, Sumy National Agrarian University (Ukraine), Natalia Petrova, Kernel (Ukraine), Martin de Jong, The Friesian (the Netherlands), Victoria Zinchuk (EBRD).

16:20 Wrapping up the discussion / Concluding remarks

Krijn Poppe (UR)

16.30 WU Poster sessions

Informal discussions with the Wageningen UR experts

17:00 Drinks and networking