Agro Food Robotics parcours


Agro Food Robotics parcours

Wageningen University & Research is leading in research in agro and food robotics, both fundamental research and contract research. On 6th October we will show some of the recent developments in this exciting and rapidly developing field of research.

Organisator Wageningen University & Research, Wageningen Plant Research, Wageningen University, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research

vr 6 oktober 2017 09:30 tot 13:00

Locatie Orion, building number 103
Bronland 1
6708 WH Wageningen
+31 (0) 317 48 87 77
Radix Serre, Klima and Agros, building number 109
Bornsesteeg 48
6708 PE Wageningen
0317 48 11 10

The Agro Food Robotics parcours includes live demonstrations of several robot systems, amongst others : High-resolution sensing using drones, Field disease detection module, Chlorofyll fluorescentie  setup, precision agriculture,  automated fruit quality inspection, and more.

09:15 Registration/coffee/tea Location: Orion building, Wageningen Campus
09:50 Welcome/overview Agro Food Robotics parcours By Prof. Eldert van Henten/Rick van de Zedde
10:05 Start Agro Food Robotics parcours Eight demo locations in groups of max. 20 people and a WUR guide
12:15 Lunch and short pitches Location: Unifarm, Wageningen Campus. Including business pitch by Sebastiaan Berendse. Q&A plus brainstorms with experts.
13:00 End of session

The following demos will be part of the Agro Food Robotics lab parcours:


There are 2 parking places to park your car. We marked this on the map. We also marked the place where the registration will be and the start of the event.


Unfortunately the maximum number of participants has been reached. Please contact Rick de Zedde when you would like to get an opportunity to see the Agro & Food Robotics research of Wageningen University & Research in future.