Alumni meeting

Alumni event - Guangzhou, China - 25 March 2019

During 17 - 25 March 2019, a delegation of Wageningen University & Research visited China and hosted different alumni events. Alumni of Wageningen were welcome to join the event hosted in Guangzhou, on March 25th of 2019.

Organised by University Fund Wageningen

Mon 25 March 2019

On Monday the 25th of March 2019, the delegation visited Guangzhou. Alumni of Wageningen University & Research were welcome to join the event on Challenges in feeding the City.

The programme for this event can be found below.


14:00 Arrival and coffee
14:30 Welcome and introduction by Dr. Ir. Ernst van den Ende (Managing Director Plant Sciences Group WUR & member of the Board of Directors)
14:45 Trends, opportunities and challenges in feeding the city by Dr. Jan Willem van der Schans (senior researcher ultra short food supply chains and urban farming - WUR)
15:10 WUR Urban Greenhouse Student Challenge by Ir. Rio Pals (Coordinator Student Challenges – WUR)
15:20 Feeding Chinese metropoles, interactive session: input and thoughts from participants
15:50 Drinks and networking
17:00 Closure