Animal Agency: Language, Politics, Culture

Recent work in political philosophy, animal studies, and ethology, asks us to view nonhuman animals as subjects with their own perspective on life. Other animals have their own languages and cultures, and co-shape practices that are often understood as exclusively human. They actively relate to others of their own and different species, and some argue they should be seen as political and social actors in mixed human-animal communities. Viewing other animals as subjects or political actors shifts research questions from how we, humans, should treat them, animals, to a different set of questions: What kind of relationships do they have with each other and humans? What kind of relationships may they desire to have with us? And how can we, collectively, find new ways of co-existing?

Organised by Eva Meijer (University of Amsterdam) & Clemens Driessen (Wageningen University)

Thu 12 May 2016 until Fri 13 May 2016

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